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Customer Dillema

    I must be on a roll on ideas.  As a bonus take photos of that
piece after you are done and add it to her disk.  It makes an ideal
record for warranty claims or for her to make insurance claims in
case of loss. 

After reading the other responses on this subject about customer
scams I realise that if there is a photo record of the customer with
the jewelry a scam artist is unlikely to hang around your shop and
leave behind irrefutable evidence. Even if he or she succeeds in
scamming you that person can only do it once as you can always warn
your staff with a photo of exactly who to watch out for. You can
also warn the other practioners of your trade although be careful
here that you don’t set yourself up for a libel suit.

A genuine customer is unlikely to object to your taking a photo of
him/her with the jewelry.

One more idea is to make a color print on the work order itself, in a
space set aside on the front page, or print it on the back. Mark out
in pen exactly the parts of the piece of jewelry to be worked on. No
more “I said, you said” disputes. Saves a lot of time having to
explain the commission all over again to your staff again.

Kelvin Mok (@Kelvin_Mok1)
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