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Custom casting service?

Hello, I need to have a set of wedding rings cast - one is 14K
rose gold and one in platinum. I am considering sending my waxes
to Precious

Metals West. Does anyone have experience with this company?
Any recommendations of other companies would be welcome as well.
As a side note: Does anyone cast in palladium these days?
Thanks. Regards, Elizabeth

Hi Elizabeth, Precious Metals West has been in my experience a
highly reliable, reputable company that cares about its customers
and more importantly cares about the quality of the work they do

  • which is top notch.

High marks for them!

Elaine Corwin

We use Billanti Casting in New Hyde Park NY for gold castings.
I truly think they are the best there is and they are quite
reasonably priced too. For platinum we use a company called
Irving Lang in NY. They use a 950 platinum mix and are pretty

Hi Elizabeth, We have been casting one of a kind and production
runs for Pro and begining designers for 12 years at the J.A.
Henkel Co. You can see our ad in Metalsmith Mag. We enjoy helping
new designers solve their production casting conundrums. You can
look in the Orchid archives for letters I’ve written on the
subject of casting. You can give us a call at 207-729-3599 or
e-mail me off line. J.A.