Current trade magazines

I was wondering what trade magazines everyone recommends for jewelry
manufacture and I subscribed to Lapidary Journal years ago
but I do not know if there are some that are better. Thank you.


For the manufacturing jeweler, Jewelers Keystone would be a good

Metalsmith is a stellar publication associated w/ the Society Of
North American Goldsmiths. The beauty of this magazine, is that it
informs us as to what is happening in the now. Topics covered are
contemporary ideas and issues. Reviews of recent gallery shows
worldwide, introduces you to what are the unlimited creative
possibilities of working with metal by itself or combined with other
materials… Historical topics are covered as well.

Opinions of Metalsmith on this forum are varied and passionate. Pick
up a copy and make you own decision. Don’t forget Jewelers Keystone
as well. One compliments the other.

rp leaf

there are a number of actual trade publications though the
subscriptions are in the hundreds of dollars and in my opinion only
advertising for the big manufacturers and retailers, retail lines
etc. you can get the same on IDEX, MJSA, & the AGTA, JBT
and other related organizations in the allied fields of jewelry,
gemstones and metals websites and other gender and niche specific
organization’s industry websites…for a good read though Metalsmith a
SNAG publication, Art and Craft in America, Crafts Report, Colored
Gem (try before buying- low in content), Lapidary Journal (now
called Jewelry Artist) and Rock and Gem are out there. I’m not sure
you are really looking for the trade pubs, as much as techniques and
materials publications…correct me if wrong…You can try to get free
issues of those extraordinarily expensive trade mags by writing the
publishers and requesting a copy…a bit of internet research will
yield the addresses…freebiz magazines has no jewelry specific trade
pubs however many metal, fabrication, display, design and trends in
retailing and wholesaling (from supply chain management to e-week
news for website design and web related marketing) and internet
retailing mags free…rer