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Cufflinks - Please Help!

I’ve received a commission for a pair of cufflinks for a wedding
coming up at the end of Sept. The cufflinks are to be made of 14K
White. My customer wants the kind of cufflink backing that is a
perpendicular hinge, with the “top of the T” being a long cylindrical
shape. I am unable to locate this finding. I’ve checked with Stuller,
Myron Toback, Rio, Frei & Borell. Does anyone know of a supplier that
carries these cufflink backs?

Thanks so much,
Anastasia Trainer

most cufflink findings are really junk not worthy of a handmade piece.
We have developed our own they do not match you clients request
however th ey they have a long oval bar that clicks down to pass
through the cuff an d we charge. Qualilty pieces cost money.
Unfortunately they are expensive R&D.