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CSA-approved tools


Dear all

There are some items for jewellers sold by local workshops. No names
mentioned here. The owners are well meaning in trying to assist
tradespeople by selling mini-motors. I was approached by one
workshop owner and tried out his innovative reasonably priced items.
I brought his item back home to my shop in Toronto,Canada. I
approached a tool supplier to act as a sole-supplier.

The owner said to me…“Gerry, where is the CSA-UL rating on this
great looking item?”. As there wasn’t any label on it, it was given
back to me in seconds.

Moral of this; “if it’s too good to be true, don’t risk buying it”.
Where is the warranty and safe-standards label? Never buy something
if it’s cheap, there might be a problem along the road.

Always buy from a brand name company, let them issue the CSA-UL
label. IF you injure yourself due to any electrical problem, you
won’t have a leg to stand on, “buyer beware”. This item is still
sitting at my bench…UNUSED and never will it be used…Gerry!