Crystal stemware repair

Does anyone know of a school, home study course, how-to book or
any other on learning how to repair chipped crystal
stemware and other items made of high lead glass. My wife is
retiring in July of this year and wants to start a second career.
She is also looking for sources of costume jewelry for BBW’s. She
spent the last 15 years as a buyer for a large department store
chain buying for the full figured BBW, and has a better than
average grasp of what these ladies are looking for, as she is
also a BBW. Thanks in advance.

Mike Fritz

Mike, The Fashion Institue of Technology in NYC, on 27th St. &
7th Avenue, has a Restoration program. I would bet that someone
from the department could advise you on repairing your stemware,
and you may even be able to get a student to repair it for a
nominal (or no) fee if you’re willing to let them. Just a
thought –

–Madeline, Arts Umbrella