Crucibles of the right size

Hi all,

I have lurked at the Orchid forum for some time. I have seen how much
help can come from this forum as you are always willing to give good

I am a knife maker and a hobbyist lost wax caster. ( I have never
sold anything :slight_smile: I am 63 and retired. I traded a fellow for a
centrifugal caster some time ago. There is no name or logo on it.

I have used up the few crucibles that I got with it. I tried to order
some new ones from Rio Grande after talking to a tech guy there, but
when they arrived they were the wrong size. I was wondering, if I
sent one of these to someone in this forum, could they then be able
to tell what brand that will work on my caster? Hopefully someone who
might work at a place that sells them can help me and I can order
from them.

I really appreciate your help.

Also, while I am asking for help, I can not seem to get some
“Ancient Bronze Casting grain” from Rio ( page 109 in the 2004 gems &
findings catalogue ) to cast worth a hoot. I use propane & oxy. try
to keep a reducing flame and use anhydrous borax for flux. I get a
ridicules amount of porosity. Can I this stuff too hot? Maybe too hot
for too long? I have trouble with it every time I try. I have no
trouble casting Sterling!

I do want to say that Rio has been great to deal with and none of
these problems are there fault.

Doug Asay ( Acey )