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Crochet Techniques

A few people have written to ask about fusing the wires when adding
a new section of wire to a crochet structure. There are some
instances where it could present some potential problems to join the
wire by fusing. Speaking, as an example, for the round crochet
structure I utilize, I do think it this particular case it would be

Actually, the new sections in this structure are joined with a
twisted splice (maybe 7mm in length) which remains concealed inside
the chain. When properly executed these joints are very strong and
reliable, and there should not be any wire poking out or protruding
from the crochet.

This type of crochet structure becomes work hardened as it is being
constructed and this rigidity or hardening facilitates the self
supporting nature of the structure as it is being developed.
Personally, I find that this tension and stiffness are helpful in
maintaining the conformity of both the size and shape of the loops,
and the overall evenness of the crochet pattern.

If the crochet structure is heated before the total length of the
crochet is accomplished there will be a difference in the temper,
and the area adjacent to the fusing will be prone to annealing. If
the chain becomes annealed in some sections more than others it
could likely have a final result of a less uniform finished piece.

There is also a secondary problem; if some areas become annealed
from fusing on the new wires, these portions will be more
susceptible to becoming flattened, distorted, or damaged during the
rest of the fabrication process as the length of the chain continues
to be developed.

I find that one of the most critical issues with this style of a
crochet chain is the step of annealing which takes place prior to
the final procedures of straightening and drawing the chain. Any
areas that aren’t equally well annealed at this point will result in
the chain having a segmented or kinked appearance, and once pulled
through a draw plate it will be very difficult to correct any
defects of this nature.

This type of work gets handled a lot during the making, and caution
needs to be utilized to keep it from being damaged.

Michael David Sturlin