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Crochet in Fine Silver

Hello all - I recently attempted to crochet a choker style necklace
in 28 gauge fine silver. It was rather fun and I’d like to attempt
another but need to get a single EASY crochet pattern for a collar or
necklace and don’t know where to begin. I don’t read patterns well
so it would have to be quite easy. If any of you know of how I could
find such or someone I could contact, please e-mail me at
@Donna_Krolski. Thanks Donna

Donna, Absolutely the best example of instruction in the basic
crochet technique is in Alan Revere’s book “Professional
Goldsmithing”. This type of structure is a hollow round spiraling
construction and has many possibilities for variations. There are
also several different examples of clasp mechanisms to complete your
necklace with in the book as well. Good luck, and happy crocheting!

Michael David Sturlin, jewelry artist
Michael Sturlin Studio, Scottsdale Arizona USA