Credit Cards Again - I've Used Touchtone

Thanks to a tip on this board, I signed up very recently with Touch
Tone Program. They really are fast! I sent the application to
Kevin at, and he had an account set up for me within an
hour. (It took several days for the slips and “knuckle buster”
credit card machine to arrive, but that was the fault of Airborne,
not the senders.) I pay approx. 4% and can get immediate approval
on sales via my cell phone. It really helped me sell a lot of
jewelry at my recent open Studio. You can get a better rate by
using a swipe machine with a dedicated phone line, but I did not
have time or want to go to the expense of installing another
dedicated phone line, so this works fine with me. I can call from

I really recommend working with Kevin at You can
describe what you want and he will arrange it for you. There are
programs to add sales to your website, also, if you are interested.


Donna, Are you sure that you need a dedicated phone line? I have a
Tranz 330 that I use on my one and only business phone line. I have
been doing this for many years. I have been told that you can get a
pretty good deal on a “swipe” machine on ebay. Joel

Joel Schwalb