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Credit card acceptor

I have finally reached my saturation point with my current provider,
Transaction Solutions. I am tired of their ‘nickle and diming’ me
with fees and increases. Even though I have been with them for 15 or
20 years, I’m now looking for something better. Do any Orchid folks
have experiences (good or BAD) with “First Horizon” as a credit card
acceptor? I would love to hear about it offline or online. Thank

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718

Awhile back there was a long series of conversations about
processing credit card transactions when at shows where the usual
card processing methods were not available. I didn’t pay much
attention at the time because I don’t have any need to process credit
cards. But —

I just came across this article in PC Magazine that I thought might
be of help in this case. This is the complete article; I have not
tried it; I don’t know anything more about it; so please don’t dump
on me.

Process Credit Cards with a Cell Phone Mobile sales pros, small
businesses, and flea marketeers, take note: You can now use a cell
phone to take credit card payments anywhere you have access to
Nextel’s wireless network. The Creditel Power Swipe is a phone-based
credit card machine that frees you from needing a landline to process
transactions. Simply swipe a card through the ruggedized Motorola
phone/reader combo, and the purchase processes within 8 seconds. The
Power Swipe is able to print, fax, or e-mail receipts instantly,
directly from the handset. Creditel claims its security technology
makes the system more secure than an ATM machine. $249 direct, plus
$8 to $12 per month for service and 15 cents per transaction.

There is a photo, it looks like a regular sized (not compact) cell
phone with a small attachment on one side to swipe the card through.


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Billy S. Bates

I don’t have Nextel, but I have been processing credit cards using
my cell phone for several years now. I have it through Concordia (I
think that is what they are now), which I arranged through my bank.
Not the cheapest, maybe, but very dependable, and from the small
research I have done definitely not the most expensive either! There
is a monthly fee, but their per item fee is fairly low, so it winds
up being less than any of the other services I have looked at. I
just dial it in, punch in numbers - no talking so it is secure - and
get the authorization code. A bit time consuming, but it works.

Beth in SC

I do the same thing currently with my cell phone through my small
local bank. Punch in the numbers etc. I can even program the phone to
dial in the tedious things like my acct. # and bank #, but…when I
am at a good show and things get busy I have to make choices. For
instance, if I am alone I won’t run any of the cards except for a
major purchase (say $500 or more) until I have a break, if I get a
break. If I have an assistant we run everything except the smallest
stuff under $50. I haven’t gotten burned. For the most part art show
patrons seem to be a fairly honest lot, especially since I don’t sell
gemstones or gold.

I would investigate having a swipe system for busy shows if it were
really that affordable though.