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Creative financing

I received my long awaited EMZ-8TR microscope system today. WOW! What
a pleasure to finally see tiny settings and stones clearly. Here’s a
thought for those of you who have been racking up "zillions"of
airline miles on your Capital One card, but no place to go- try
redeeming your mileage for credit on your card balance. I did…
only 400,000 plus miles equals one awesome bench tool. I’ve been
trying to justify the expense of the microscope and happened to read
the fine print under my rewards mileage on the latest credit card
statement and saw where I could redeem the mileage for “cash” (credit
on my account) Unlike many of you, I do not have a storefront; just a
studio/small school setup. Finding funds for tool investment is not
always easy in this economy. I came up with this brainstorm at 5 am
one day, checked my statement, and surprise, surprise… I CAN DO
THIS! Found money right???

Time to set stones and play.
Ruthie Cohen