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Creating tiny wax figures

Sandra, try the build-up wax technique. I have been using for the
past 35 years, the Kerr’s green hard wax mixed with their Tuffy
(injection) wax at a ratio of approximately one to three. Get a small
stainless steel pot and melt both waxes together. Use the modeling
wax tools to build-up your object and shape it, then start filing
with wax files or files of #00 cut. Let the wax cool and start
carving with razor sharp carving tools. On any wax models I leave the
edges thick enough (depending on the size) for strength; but all of
inside areas I carve it out to 0.5mm in thickness (thinness in your
case). The carving tools, you’ll have to make your own, as I have
never seen any good carving tools for wax in any U.S. catalogs. Do
not buy any cheap dental looking tools that are made in some labor
cheap country, buy only good dental tools so you can shape and
sharpen them. The cheap tools can never hold a sharp edge and the
weight never feels right. For your modeling purpose there are many
good dental tools that can be used, but you’ll find that you’d be
using only one end of their tool.

In working with the build-up wax, if you find that it is taking you
too long to move and form the wax; then, add more injection wax to
lower the melting point. If you dislike cleaning your file due to the
clogged wax while filing, then add more hard wax. You must find the
right consistency that fits your temperament.

As for smoothing the wax model; 3M has a roll sand paper that has
small pyramid “grains” (called “trident”…not sure) that is the best
for sanding wax patterns, as it will not clog like the carborundom
papers. You can brush off the wax from this roll paper with a
toothbrush. After that you can use any of the commercially available
wax “solvent-polishers”. I have never use any of these liquids as I
will be hammering or burnishing the castings to get a better polish.

The build-up technique is great in making 3D jewelry; is easy to make
stone seats for any shape stone or crystals, for you just paint the
wax around the base of the stone. You can get a variety of textural
effects with it and you can pour it through carved stones for
combined stone and metal work. List can go on and on. Try it, and
enjoy; Min Azama in Tokyo.