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Creating a pendant without pin showing



I am trying to make a gemstone pendant with out a hook showing,
similar to the pendants from Tiny Devotions mala pendants. I have
also attached a photo. Thank you!


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Your photo looks to me like a (faux?) turquoise bead with a balled
head pin through it. Top end of pin made into a loop using round nose
pliers and threaded on to beading wire with beads either side.



Further to my previous reply…

On further study of your photo, it could be as follows: Thread a 2mm
silver bead onto fine beading thread or wire and centre it Double the
wire and thread both ends through the pendant bead(s) Take one end of
the wire and thread one side of your necklace Take the other end and
thread the other side of your necklace.

Finish both ends with a clasp however you like.

I don’t bead, so I’m kind of making this up as I go along - others
may have a better idea!



It looks as if it were a small unwrapped wire loop where the bead’s
on a ball pin, and it’s turned close to the stone then thread on
between beads.

Likely made with 22g wire.


Sharing files and pictures with Orchid is easy - Simply attach them
to your Orchid post.



I asked a friend who is a bead artist and she said that she does not
like to have twisted wire hooks, so she attaches focal beads as
follows. She balls a head on a silver wire which has been cut so that
about 1/2 inch or more will extend from the large focalbead. then she
loops the wire over the thread on which the stand of beads are
attached. She then, using her round nose pliers, takes the long end
which extends from the large pendant bead, and manages to feed it
back through the large bead as far as it will go. She assures me it
will not pull out. She did advise that you make sure the hole in the
focal bead is large enough to accommodate the wire going through the
second time. If not, you may have to reamit. Alma


Looks to me like the bottom silver ball below the turquoise is a
bead. After the first half of the necklace was strung, the string
went through the top silver bead into the turquoise and out the
bottom; then through the bottom silver bead (in one side and out the
other), then back up into the turquoise and up through the upper
silver bead. Then knotted, and then the beading of the second half
of the necklace continued.


Oh, I can see that, now that you describe it - great catch, and good
eye! I hope this helps the OP.