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Create or make?

Do “we create or make, that is the question”!

The answer lays within your soul. I for one create, it is a passion.
“Making” is for the file-pushers, we here on Orchid are far from
that description. We are creators of expensive and fantastic metal
items (or whatever you use).

I created a poker-chip that gamblers could use, it was simply just
that a basic and bland looking poker-chip. The silver cost with
stones was about $255.00. Four weeks ago I transformed it into a
piece of “usable art”. Now it stands to be among the most expensive
piece in my line at of about $22,000.00. How was this possible? By
just adding a few diamonds here and there. My other creation is not
finished yet, it is another piece with only 14.50 carats of diamonds
and that might hit the top at $45,000.00. Now you all can visualize
the possibilities of “creating” and letting your mind go free. Get
rid of those ropes binding you to the bench, your “gifted mind” is
your only tool that you really need…