Create better BenchTube videos

May I please make a suggestion to all who demonstrate on BENCH TUBE

  • It would be more meaningful to follow a simple four step format.

1- For motivation, show the finished item

2- Have a list of materials and tools needed for the project

3- Demonstration

4- Show the finished item again for the critique

Shirley Carter
(retired school teacher)

shirley carter suggested that the first step in a benchtube video
should be showing the finished product–for motivation. for me,
showing the finished product first does more than just motivate me.
knowing the final outcome makes it easier for me to interpret the
process i am seeing. i can see how all the steps will come together
better that way.

showing the finished product first really helps. i have no idea how
to produce or edit videos, so i don’t know how burdensome putting the
end product at the beginning is…

jean adkins

I agree with Shirley that there is room for improvement on BenchTube
demos. Show the finished product in the beginning so we know what
we’re aiming for, and especially, show ALL the steps of the
fabrication. I have recently noticed that vital steps are left out
and can only be seen by contacting the video maker who then suggests
buying his complete video for a substantial price. I thought this
would be counter to the the instructional role of Orchid, which seems
to be to offer technology free. The videos are so very useful and I
am thankful to the good souls who want to share their knowledge with
little or no concern for making money out of it.

I have come to appreciate the Benchtube videos as an important and
valuable resource in the community. Regarding the “approach” taken in
a presentation may I offer a sincere suggestion? Watch the video
multiple times… in addition to watching the process and techniques
used unfold, one may pick up a tip or technique that was might have
been missed in a previous 'view". I have been grateful to all that
have shared their skills with the community, and someday I hope to be
in a position to “return” the gift either with monetary support, or,
hopefully, sharing a technique or construction principle on a level
on par with previous presentations. As to the commercial "trailers"
or “teasers”, I avoid them. Thank you all. peace.

i, too, watch the videos many times. we are so lucky to have people
who are willing to give their knowledge and time. and a vehicle to
present the videos: ganoksin. yeah everybody.

jean adkins

I would suggest that if someone is posting an excerpt from their
commercial video which they sell for profit, that it be indicated as
an excerpt of a commercial “for profit” product at the beginning of
the video.

Mike DeBurgh, GJG
Henderson, NV

I agree. There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a great “how
to” video and then suddenly realizing that you’re only going to get
half of the tutorial… unless you pay! To all those who do post
your videos, thank you so much for the time spent putting them
together so us “newbies” can pick up on the tricks of the pros.

Well I’d like to add my voice to the chorus. I’ve enjoyed the MANY
instructional videos that have be graciously shared on BenchTube.
It’s an incredible resource, IMO. BUT I’ve been very disappointed in
the few that are more of a “tease” or just outright sales videos …
Just my two centavos. :slight_smile:

Bill Roberts