Cracked Fingertips

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I wrap blue painters tape around injured fingertips and also around
uninjured ones for polishing. It is a better water barrier than a
bandaid, leaves no sticky residue and doesn’t irritate cuts.
Reasonably flexible and not so slippery that you’ll drop your piece.
Low tech but better performance than alligator skin or any of the
other things I’ve tried.

Linda Frueh

There is a product in first aid departments that is like superglue.
It’s put on and then swabbed with an activator but it’s sure easier
to grab the superglue.


My fix for abused hands is also a real treat: raw cacao butter, the
pure oil of the cacao bean.

Heated slightly, allowed to cool for just a bit and applied with a
soft brush, this is a sublime, exotic winner for me. No additives, it
smells like chocolate and works like a charm! It comes in a block,
just as it was poured into a container in Equador!

This is no deodorized coco butter, cut with chemicals. This is
absolutely pure, low heat processed cocoa butter. You can also use
it in cooking. The scent of the warmed liquid makes me smile and it
really heals the hands. Here’s a web page that has more to say: and click on cacao butter.

In Britain:

No affiliation, just love this stuff! (and I thought pure, raw
coconut butter was the best, but this is even better!)


PS: also, Skin Food by Weleda is great and it comes in a tube if the
idea of painting warm chocolate oil on you digits frightens you :slight_smile:

Even better than super glue, is New Skin.[snip]certainly better
than super glue! 

I’m pretty sure it is super glue.



I believe New Skin is actually collodion. It sure smells like it. Is
a very old product.


this one is gonna sound wierd but soaking dried cracked finger tips
in soda pop like cocacola sprite whatever seems to soften the
callouses then use the moisturizer (sp?) seems to work when i get
them too bad - goo

I'm pretty sure it *is* super glue. 

There is super glue and then there is super glue !

The main difference is the purity and fillers if any. Many thicker
types have fillers like fumed silica (cabosil is an example for the
googlers who want to know more :slight_smile: ) which may not be so good in a
deep cut or crack. Also the other difference between industrial /
food / medical grades of any product is the type and quantity of
contaminants allowed.


For those in the US and Canada try Bag Balm (
I live on a farm and was introduced to it because we use it on dairy
cow’s udders and teats. My hands were cracked and chapped from the
cold and constant washing on the back of them and soft and supple on
the inside. I quickly figured out it was from the balm and started
using it on both sides of my hands. The only 2 downsides to it is I
found that it dissolves calluses and one ends up with soft hands (if
you think this is great try splitting a cord of wood or 2 with soft
hands) and it has a slight odor.

One additional thought some old timers swear if you slather it on
then put a set of cotton gloves over the mess before going to be it
works wonders.

One can find it in most animal supply stores or order it direct.


PS the usual disclaimer–> no connection or association with the
company or product other than a happy user, both on me and 40 odd

Skin Food by Weleda is great and it comes in a tube if the idea of
painting warm chocolate oil on you digits frightens you :-) 

It doesn’t frighten me, but it wouldn’t be practical-- I’d be
sucking my fingers all day!


i use pure vitamin e oil (without carrier oil) from the pharmacy,
its very very thick, its a small bottle for $4 or 5 its worth it as
it will last a long time! is also great
stuff!! and

hemp hand protector - is also wonderful

they heal up very fast put it on a few times a day and let it soak
in, and i found this link for you

have not used any of the above but i would give them a try

heather mackenzie

Super glue is wonderful for cracked fingertips. It only burns for
about 30 seconds, then it’s miraculously sealed !

Hi Gang

What I discovered from a friend was a product called Burt’s Bees
Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme carried at most health food stores and
some Superstores and Safeway. This is nice as it is in a small
container, smells like lemons and if you take a minute to rub it in
it is not greasy. I have my thumbs especially, every Spring and Fall
dry and crack to the point of bleeding which as a diabetic then
leaves me open to infections. Since I started to use this product at
the first sign of cracking or hangnails I no longer suffer with
really sore finger tips.

No affiliations just a great product.

Karen Bahr
Karen’s Artworx

“New Skin liquid bandage” is not a super glue. The active ingredient
is 8-hydroxyquinoline, an antiseptic. If you had used it you would
know by the drying time, it is not cyanoacrylic (sp?). Info:

Greetings All. I am diabetic and often suffer from cracked skin. My
doctor suggested I used Lansinoh, which is primarily marked as a
topical for breast feeding mothers to use. If I put some on when I go
to bed, the next morning, any cracked skin is much better. Just
google Lansinoh. Target online is cheapest.


New Skin Liquid Bandage doesn’t appear to be superglue.

It appears to be a sealer of some sort. Found it listed in this
great database:

Christine in Littleton, Massachusetts

I'm pretty sure it *is* super glue. 

At least a chemical analog: My bottle of New Skin reads1%
8-hydroxyquinoline as an antiseptic, 6.7% alcohol, oil of cloves,
and pyroxylin solution (which is the superglue analog, I presume).

All I know is that since I tripped over this stuff, I swear by it.
Both my day job, and the leather, stone, and metal that I work with
for a hobby get me a lot of superficial cuts, often from dirty metal,
and I live in a hot environment. The best bandages only last a couple
of hours on me. I keep a bottle of this stuff in my tool bag,
medicine cabinet, and glove compartment.

Ron Charlotte – Gainesville, FL
@Ron_Charlotte1 OR


I make a mixture that is a great healer and softener out of cocao
butter, Vit E oil, and random good thick base creams. I (1) melt a
chunk of solid raw pure cocoa butter (microwave for 60ish seconds or
until it becomes a liquid), (2) add appropriate cream base to thicken
and then (3) add a bit of pure Vit E oil.

Super easy to make but needs to be made in single batches and used
while still warm for best results. Heals and softens. Best used
liberally (with a pair of cotton gloves) and left on overnight- the
oil is a bit sticky, and, well oily.


I suffer terribly with cracked fingertips. It kicks in every December
and makes it nearly impossible to work. I have tried many different
lotions but found that applying Vaseline Creamy formula (comes in a
tube that you buy at the regular drug store) - on a very regular
basis really helps. It feels greasy at first but it soaks into you
skin very rapidly. At night I put it on and go to sleep with a light
pair of gloves and that really helps too. Give it a try.


Hi all:

In all the great suggestions for finger and hand care/moisturizing
this busy time of year, no one has addressed the issue of slippery
goo and contamination of solder joints. I find that I use far less of
my hand creme this time of year, accelerating my deteriorating hand
condition and causing those nasty cracks just because it takes time
to work in and time I don’t have plus I can’t be contaminating my
work and every tool or piece of metal I pick up. Are there any
moisturizing products that soak in quickly, work effectively and
won’t leave my hands a greasy mess?? Those heavy moisturizers are OK
for bed time but I need more help in the day.

Thanks, Kathy

    For those in the US and Canada try Bag Balm
( I live on a farm and was introduced to it
 because we use it on dairy cow's udders and teats. 

Glad to know that Bag Balm is still made. I still use it sparingly.
One problem with using it is that it contains 0.005 % Mentholated
Mercury. So do not smoke, eat or drink with it on your hands. Or
handle children. Mine is still in the old green 10 oz. square can
and lists mercury.

I now use Udder Balm or Dura Creme, neither of which contain

Don’t get me started about Horse Liniments as I am one of the
cognoscenti about that subject They will cure many ills except being
an occasional Horses A**. Even in my golden years, I still have very
rare flareups.