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Courses teaching Wax Modeling

Which courses in wax modeling techniques do list members recommend?

Hi there! You asked about wax courses…I took the wax course that
GIA offers about 2 years ago and found it very helpful! You may have
to travel to another city to take it, but in my case they happened to
offer it where I live that particular yr. They change their
"outreach" class locations evey year so hopefully they’ll be offering
where you live. Good luck! Tara


I took a wax modeling course with Kate Wolf last summer at
Touchstone. The course content was extensive, extremely well
organized, and effectively presented. The tools I made have become my
favorites. The “tricks” I learned have saved me a lot of time and

Kate is a proficient, friendly and willing instructor. She is
generous with both her time and her expertise. I highly recommend her
class. I don� t know where she might be teaching next but know she
has taught at the New Approach School for Jewelers. I would have
taken the class at New Approach but couldn�t get any of the scheduled
times to coincide with my schedule. New Approach’s upcoming class
schedule is not yet on the web site so you might want to contact
Blaine Lewis,, to see if Kate will be there any time
soon. There’s a short bio about Kate at

If you want any additional feel free to contact me
offlist. @linda_moughemer Linda M

Bill, If you are coming to New York, the best place to take a wax
carving class is the Fred de Vos studio. He is located in Manhattan
and the Tel # is 212-598 9364. You can find his adds in Metalsmith
magazine. Valentin Yotkov


I teach the GIA extension manufacturing courses. I regret to say
that the only cities that will be offering the one week wax classes
for 2001 are New York GIA campus and the Carlsbad campus.

GIA will be traveling with other one week manufacturing classes:
Basic Repair and Setting, Intermediate Repair and Setting, Advanced
Stone Setting and Platinum. The locations these will be offered are
Michigan (Detroit area) Mar 28 to April 13, Chicago April 30 to May
24, Kansas City June 4 to June 22, Denver July 9 to 27

The New York GIA campus has the Working with Wax 4 day hands on
course Aug 27 to Sept 13, That is 4 days as a day class and 8 days
(mon - thurs) as evening classes.

The advanced setting class will also be offered at the New York
campus several times both as a day class and evening class. July 30
to Aug 10, you’ll have to call GIA for the other dates as these are
what I can remember right now

Again you need to call GIA for fees, locations and schedules.

Feel free to email me with any specific questions about the courses
or even staying in the different cities (i.e. staying in New York for
the wax class) I tell you what I know.

Later, Arthur Anton Skuratowicz NJA GJG (GIA) email: Anton Nash LLC, Jewelry Appraisers and

A former full time teacher at GIA for 7 1/2 years, 5 in gemology, 2
1/2 with manufacturing 20 years in the jewelry trade, now their
contract teacher for the Jewelry extension classes.

Bill and all, As far as wax carving classes go, Kate Wolfe is
deffinatly the person you want to get a hold of. She did teach a
couple of course at New Approach School this year and suspect she will be
going back next year. She is very good at what she does and she is a
great teacher. She will not hesitate to answer any of your questions.
She is a great person as well. As far as any other classes such as
setting, or platinum fabrication Blaine Lewis the owner of New
Approach is the guy to meet. Take a class from him, you won’t regret
it. His class paid for itself in the first hour I was there, and I was
there for 5 days so you could imagine the amount of info I got. Both
Kate and Blaine are very easy going and love to teach people what they
know. Alot of instructors would only teach you what they think you
need to know and keep all the little tricks to themselves. So look
them up… Marc Williams