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Counch Pearl

Hi Anil,

I happened upon a supplier of conch (pronounced conk) and abalone
pearls several months ago and did a little refresher search before I
replied to your mail. Here’s a bit of info I found, and I think a web
search for conch pearl will provide a few suppliers as well. There
seems to be quite a bit of info as well as opinion out there about
the lovely conch pearl.

Here is some info I found:

These are natural pearls harvested from Queen conch creature
known as the conch, which lives in the Caribbean and the Gulf
of Mexico.

The significant quality is a flame-like lustre/structure on the
surface. The Color ranges in orange, red and pink.

Here is an info link that might be helpful for background knowledge and if I can find the supplier
site that I happened upon I will mail you the link directly.

Hope that helps. I am a computer nerd at heart and love a good

Laura Gasparrini
Artist / Intuitive Consultant
Om Tara! Jewelry & Finery