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Correction: Carat Diamond

Hello Orchid people, I made a mistake, the stutter of the fingers,
the diamond is VS2, NOT a VVS2. Please forgive me. I do want to
sell it.

I am a lurker, my husband John is the computer person. I am a
quazi-retired goldsmith, (I do large bronzes now).

I have a problem. I need to sell, for my son, a diamond I bought for
him several years ago. I have been holding it for him until he was
old enough. He is now and has decided that the money would be
better than a stone.

The Diamond is a 1.02ct VS2, G color. It has lived in the safety
deposit box for nearly eight years and has never been set into a
piece. Since I do not have customers in jewelry any more, I have no
way to sell the stone. So I would like to sell it wholesale. The last
time I checked the price of this quality it was about $4,400.00.

If any one is interested please contact me.

Cynthia Thomas – MidLife Crisis Enterprises Cynthia Thomas Designs
Cynthia’s sculptures are at: Maiden Metals, A small
bronze foundry, no web site yet!!

Hello John and Cynthia- How have you been? This note finds you both
well, I hope. I came across your email and thought you might like a
reference point for pricing on this stone. Presently we’re getting 1
carat SI1 G color stones at about $2200-2500 from the cutters in
Isreal, but generally they are EGL certs. Also, I’m paying 50% of Rap
in NYC for GIA certed. It’s just my opinion, but I would set it up in
a tiffany style mounting and put it on consignment with a jewelry
store owning friend who was close to me and try for the engagement
ring traffic. :^) I just got back from las vegas at a show and maybe
I’ll have to come to LA soon myself. T/C, good luck to you, and HTH.

Best regards,
Ricky Low, Hand Engraver
6222 Richmond Ave. #795
Houston, Texas 77057-6230
ph- 713.974.3710