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My sentiments exactly. Get real with this copyright biz. I’ve been
knocked off and I’ve done the same. I do not apologize.
My customers want what they want, and I am in the biz to make a
living - not to be the copyright police. This is a tough biz especially when
dealing with the retail public.
They don’t care where the “inspiration” comes from. All they
want is something to wear. Many times I use the cust. metal and stones.
They often have an idea they want done. It’s my job to do what they want

  • not to be their conscience, which by the way, many do not have or care.
    I do not get into the “cosmic” stuff of jewelry design with them, either.
    I do the job, get paid and move on to the next. I have met too many
    "starving artists" and have no intention of joining their ranks
    intentionally. The copyright nazis can do their work, but until they come
    knocking on my door, it’s business as usual. I have probably offended some
    of you, and will not apologize. I have spent the major portion of my life
    in the jewelry biz at the bench and have learned that one doesn’t always
    have the luxury of doing what one wants. I hate chain repair, but I do
    it. I hate to size rings, but I do it. All the mundane crap that comes
    with the territory must be done by someone. If I don’t make the customer
    happy, someone else will. Why not put their money in my account? I don’t
    lie to my customers, and I don’t steal from them. Neither do I preach to
    them. Beyond my doing my very best for them, what more do they expect.
    The only thing I will apologize for is my rambling on. I have had it
    with discussions of asthetics of jewelry design being “purely inspirational”.
    To quote, “we don’t live in a vacuum, and we can’t work in one”. If an
    idea of someone else’s spills into something I do, so what?

“That’s my oppinion - I could be wrong” - Dennis Miller

I don’t believe that it is necessary to be the conscience for someone
else. Each one of us has our own conscience and can use it. We all
decide what our personal values and professional standards will be and
follow them the best way we can. Almost every artist has seen their work
appropriated, and knows how it feels. I spend a lot of time on my
designs, and I am affronted when asked to copy another artist’s work. I
have turned down many jobs when asked to copy a picture from a magazine or
brochure. I do from time to time offer to use someone else’s design as a
starting point for a new design. If my customer likes the new design I am
happy to make it. If they insist on the original design, I thank them for
thinking about me and explain why I can’t duplicate the piece they want.
I lose a small amount of business this way, but I believe that those
customers will remember me, and when they need a jeweler they can trust,
will come back. –

Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA

In the UK Copyright is applied automatically to any artistic or written20
work on paper or whatever medium is used. Not to manufactured goods
which20 come under patents. It’s the original design which is copyright.
It’s a

good idea to use the copyright symbol A9 on all your designs so there
is no20 argument.

Richard Whitehouse

Email: @Richard_Whitehouse1

I have some that I believe will be helpful for those
interested in protecting designs from infringement and unauthorized
exploitation. Remember though, to fully protect your rights, you must be
willing to litigate or marry a lawyer! I was given this from
an international and reputable jewelry artist who’s seen and experienced a
lot in her day–she does not copyright her designs. Don’t quote me in
court on this, but she explained that once you have sold your designs to
the public, they are automatically protected. Your invoice,exhibit
or drawing book(dated) are forms of identifying the date you
officially distrubuted or comsumated your idea. The final opinion or word
is the judge’s.

Step I:

The US Copyright Office, housed at the Library of Congress in Washington,
DC, has a 24-hour a day Forms and Publications Hotline, 202/ 707-9100.
Request a copyright info. packet and Form VA to register jewelry designs
and other 2-D and 3-D pictorial, graphic, sculptural and architectural
works. It’s $20 filing fee per application to register a design.

You can also write to : Publication Section, LM-455, Copyright Office,
Library of Congress, Washington DC 20559-6000. Applications can be
obtained thru L.O.C web site at, or connect through the home
page of Copyright Office at The Copyright Office
will answer questions pertainign to how to file a claim, yet does not
provide legal assistance.

The Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, Founded in 1969 to provide artisans
and arts organizations with legal assistance, offer seminars, conferences,
newsletters, and advice pro bono (free, minus filing fees). Offices have
spead to many cities throughout the country. New York office is

This should stir up some more debate!


Reba --San Diego, CA USA

Hi Kim,

check out the Craft Report back issues and index. there may be
something on line. There have been numerous discussions on
copyright as well as actual case discussions in it. As well
several in JCK and AJM magazine. I’d be interested in seeing a
copy of your paper when you are done, you should also consider
submitting it to Metalsmith magazine…

Try the same question on the Artmetal list and on


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Jewelry Making
Metal working
Jewelry to look at

Jewelry Making

Ganoksin Online, our collaborator Dr. Hanuman Aspler’s wonderful site.
"Tips from the Jewelers Bench’
A very nice set of jewelry related links.
Michael Mathews shots of his masters pieces for the Jewelers of America
Bench Tests, a really nice chance to see what kinds of pieces you have to
make for this certification.
The MJSA’s career page for jewelers.’s on line metals/alloys/areas etc calculator for jewelers.
A really good little set of links for jewelers, includes more magazine
connections on one page than anywhere else I’ve seen.
The Tyler School of Art Jewelry/metals Program CADCAM site, hints of the
future for metalsmiths.
A really good introduction to CADCAM in industry, hardware and software
requirements and lots on joining and planning for industrial production in
the rest of this extensive site.
A good selection of links for jewelers to groups, etc.
A very nice, wide ranging selection of jewelry and metalworking links.

Michael Mathews really nice page on a jewelry repair soldering a ring head

Great jewelry links page!

A really great compilation of links for jewelers, compiled from Orchid by
Michael Mathews Senior
Susan Sarantos’ very nice web site, good info links a lovely set of pages
on jewlery rendering.
A nice links page for jewelers, check out the rest of the site too.
A very nice set of links for jewelers, blacksmiths and metalsmiths.
A comercial page about laser burning of scanned photographic images onto
14k gold.
A very cool set of pages on Greek jewelry, includes historical technique
and styllistic
jewelry connections - dealers, sources etc)
A long list of comercial jewelry sites on the web. See what’s out there for
catalog examples!
A very nice set of fast loading pages, lots of introductory technical
for jewelry making.
A major set of jewelry links and search options.
Jim Binnion gives an excellent description of his own process for making
Mokume Gane.
Robert Woodings site, he writes the best books on stonesetting around and
does videos too.
2000 links relating to jewelry.
A very good article by Plaza and Falchetti on Pre-columbian gold work and
Metalwork in the Service of the Catholic Church, metals oriented historical
An index to ‘The Metalsmith’ metals newsletter. A wide range of articles.
DMS goldsmiths. Great section on basic jewelry making tools.
An archive of some of Peter Rowe’s answers to questions on Jewelry making
techniques. Good stuff.
Bruce Holgrain’s links page, ‘A God among Goldsmiths’ has a great links and
quick access to search engines page here, check the rest out too.
Another bronze casting link, how to build a small foundry and ‘an evening
doing a casting’.
If you are interested in beads, anything at all about beads and bead links
you should visit this site.
A good article on investment/plaster casting.
The Bonny Doon press company’s education section, really great articles on
die forming, blanking and more.
A nice page on the history of lost wax investment casting
Another nice page on history and techniques of lost wax casting.
A good jewelry designer’s site, very well done and interesting work.
Associate Jewelers, links, trade info on jewelry, gemology info
A list of ring sizes and conversions from ASAP jewelers.
Talisman Jewelers, on screen measurement conversion calculator, ethics
codes, glossary and more.
A site with a developing links and section for jewelers.
Way cool, lets repeat that Way Cool statement page about Stuart Devlin and
how he incorporated CADCAM into a traditional goldsmithing/silversmithing
approach to making things.
See Jane Draw. A really nice site for metals/jewelry folks. Not to be missed.
A nicely done body piercing jewelry catalog site. Not for the faint of heart.
A body piercing site with educational pages, this is the site entrance.
A fairly definitive listing of body art links.
A body piercing site with explanations and links to related sites for those
who are interested
Jewelers of America site. good for consumers, a little smarmy
and sales-talk like, a little slow loading for my taste.
Jeanne’s corner. A personal home page in Norway with an eclectic set of
good links and some nice jewelry ones.
A funky jewlery company’s catalog site. A friend of mine makes the models.

Metal working
The Society of American Silversmiths (SAS), great metals sources info,
artisan gallery, links, workshops, items for sale, l articles.
An essential visit for metals folks.
A listing of metals workshops coming up in the US, where, when, who’s teaching.
(It’s about time someone did this!)
A really great list of suppliers for people (engineers) who build equipment
and machinery.
A very good collection of metals links, blacksmithing oriented
A great page of knifemaking suppliers and links.
A very good collection of blacksmithing and metalworking links.
A page of non-toxic etching article links and more. MDR
A lovely ceramic shell method bronze casting explanation and more.
A very good collection of machinists articles and notes of metal working,
silver soldering, layout and so on.
This is just an all-around interesting set of pages and links, lots of
blacksmithing stuff.
Michael Spencer’s home page, blacksmithing and lots of science, HTML links
and more.
The Electric Anvil (and the knot). Check this out if you like blacksmithing
and metals.
The Blacksmiths junk yard, a place to pick up and leave tips, sources and
lots more metals stuff.
A nice list of blacksmithing and metalworking suppliers.
Another nice listing of suppliers for blacksmiths and metal workers.
A very nice set of links for books, and more at the Anvilfire site.
A truly gigantic list of metalworking supplier addresses compiled from a
number of web sites.
Blacksmiths Journal on-line, great info, drawings, articles.
a project report on the use of lasers for production goldsmithing and
decoratively working precious metals
Machine tool use page, an example of a link from the Metal Web News.
A good selection of informative articles on metals, their extraction
methods and economic importance.
Florida Society of Goldsmiths site. Nicely done with lots of metals
oriented links.
A very large page with capsule histories of each metal, what it is used
for, how it is obtained and its economic importance. Interesting stuff.

Gemmology World-a superb site for gem now has a discussion
bulletin board.
An excellent gemology course and info site. Don’t miss this one if you are
into gems.
Jill’s hot index to her site on gems. This site is a must visit for those
studying gemmology.
And Jills tables-if you are interested in gemology this whole site (and
this page) are just fantastic.
A nicely done page on diamonds, treatments and more.
Exerpts from Richard Hughes great book on rubies and saphires.
A gigantic listing of geology and mineralogy sites.
An interesting site for its gemology links and
A spell checking dictionary for geologists/gemologists.
Over 2200 machine harvested links to mineralogical and gemmological sites.
BijouX Extraordinaire. a comercial site with some good consumer articles on
gemology and more developing.
An interesting chemical and crystallography site, good periodic table of
the elements.
A really good consumer oriented FAQ on diamonds. Gemologists should read it too.
American Gem Society page, good historical and some gemological
A really huge set of comercial and educational links for diamonds, the
jewelery trade and more, check out the rest of the site too.
The Gemological Institute of America site-very comercial but interesting.
Gem Zone, a gems, tools and equipment seller.
Mark Liccini’s gem/specimen source, a very nice gem treatment page and more
to come.
A great collection of photomicrographs of gem (emerald inclusions)
A really nicely done gemmology on-line resource, a search engine and more
for gem materials and their attributes.
Bobs rock shop, look around, Gem crystal systems info-good stuff
A tutorial on diamonds and diamond grading with pictures.
An interesting page on new US guidelines that allow jewelers to sell laser
drilled and filled diamonds to customers without informing them of the
treatment. Wow. See the rest of the site.
A very nice gemstones site including innovative facetted gem designs and
instructions for cutting them. identification indicator tables and pictures
of examples (for sale).
Lots of about gemstones and their ‘planetory gemology’ and
astrological meanings. Check out the ‘Modern Gemology’ section.
Gem lore and ascribed attributes for healing. Lots more of interest to gem
people too.
Gem ‘Pharmacopea’, listing of gems, ascribed meanings and attributes.
A good article on crystals, history of gemology and gemology in general.
The ‘Eyes of Time’ site.
A page explaining how to use a refractometer with refractive indices for
gems. More similar on this site. (they are a instrument
A very large set of links for rockhounds and related fields.

The metal finishing folks home page, lots of links concerning metal finishing
A really good compilation of short articles/letters on metals finishing
Copper finishing pages

A jewelers bibliography, descriptions and comments on a number of jewelry
books. An interesting page.
A jewelry history bibliography, part of Christine De Bow Klein’s thesis work.
A very amusing site with lots of great old reprints of technical books for
A great collection of rare and hard to find on-line books for sale with
lots of jewelry subjects.
A great archeo-metallurgy bibliography.
A very long list of common and hard to find gemology, jewelry history and
techniques, minerology books for sale, prices vary from a few dollars to
the thousands for a rare one.
My own library as a bibliography (I have lots more books now).

A sales outlet for used jewelry manufacturing tools and equipment from
Rhode Island factories.
An on-line jewelers dictionary, quite well done.
A listing of European jewelry schools and their ‘parliament’.
A very interesting series of pages and analystical notes on jewlery history
research and problems with disintegrating books. By Christine De Bow Klein.
An ‘add your own jewelry link’ page, growing and interesting.
The International Guild of Glass Artists wonderful sources pages. Lots for
metals folks too.
A really good center regarding copper and further links.
A listing of rock and gem shows in the US.
40 principles for invention, with applications to object (and jewelry) design.
An interesting list of bench tricks and other saved snippets from a
knifemaking list.
The ArtMetal Project-a must visit for metals people.
Thomas Register, a great service and company finding site.
Creativity Connection, sources for arts/crafts/crafters, links and more.
The US patent office online search spot for registered trademarks.
A cool new connection service (still for free) to find individuals and
companies etc.
A rather nice jewelry glossary and explanatin of terms, consumer oriented.
The Metal Web News, an essential visit for metals folks. Check the metal
oriented links.
Bill Gray’s very nice page of crafts group, magazine links.
An odd but interesting set of links.
A very nice discussion of light for photography.
A seriously large list of crafts related links. You can self register your
site here too.
-The Colorburst links page- good links to resources
Despite the name this is an incredible set of US government resources for
business, health, safety, free publications and tons more.
A long listing of crafts related links.
Hmm, a non-metals one crept in, this is 25 chapters, 100,000 words online
talking about what you need to know to travel, both hiking style and
otherwise. Very interesting.
Anna’s LARP craft link page. All the skills involved in SFX prop stuff,
making swords, kegs, tons more.
A very good costume source and related site.
A teachers guide and charts and more about the classification of patterns.
A searchable, informative and reasonably good periodic table of the
elements (click on the element to get more
National Jewelry Magazine home page, good gem links (recomendation from
Fred Ward)
Reviews of gem/jewelry software, gem info, an interesting site
An arts links page. Check out the Arts Links site in Staffordshire too.
A ‘World of Crafts’ site, lots of links, well constructed site for crafters
and more.
An incredible listing of hobby oriented sites.
An excellent very well annotated on line periodic table of the elements.
The FAQ site-questions and answers on metals and gems.
A personal site, good links to CADCAM and rapid prototyping sites.
Bengt’s Photo page-a really great set of photography links.
The art Deadlines list-good for competitions, exhibitions etc.
Another one for competitions, grants, exhibitions opportunities from the
College Art Association.
Nerdworld - a cool connections place
An on-line technical dictionary between 11 different languages
A German-English technical dictionary, on-line and all (gasp) on one page.
A terminus for on-line dictionaries in lots of languages
A collection of links to 800 on-line dictionaries in 160 languages and a
great word look-up function.
Roget Thesaurus on-line for free! Ok, its the 1911 version but still useful
and interesting.
a jewelry/antiques dictionary

A site for source and capsule reviews of jewelry suppliers,
books etc. a great list of supplier 1-800 numbers.
Sybersteel, lots of on steel, an on-line free search engine for
OSHA regulations, lots more.
The ATT 1-800 telephone line search engine and directory for US based businesses
The Virtual Reference desk-sort of but not quite like having a reference
librarian on hand.
United Artworks Pages, a great set of links and other for arts
and crafts people.
A very good annotated long list of arts oriented sites.
Art Business Magazine, on-line articles on how to make it as an artist,
very interesting site.
A very good selection of articles of help to small business and manufacturers.
Titanium industries reference site.
Ti Specialties page, some info on the reactive metals, links as well as one
to Reactive Metals Studios for ordering poducts.

Jewelry to look at
Thomas Mann Design web site, incredibly prolific artist/designer/jeweler,
definitely worth a visit.
Brian Adam’s page. Very cool eyeglasses and more. Great New Zealand links.
Nicely done.
Bob Mitchell’s CDROM site, first contemporary metals CDROMs out there in
North America.
Walraven van Heeckeren’s site, Sells a CDROM of his work, his site has nice
text links from the object descriptions explaining materials, tools,
processes used in the making of his objects.
Abrasha’s page, contemporary jeweler. Excellent, innovative work. Check out
the Picasso confession on it.
Rian de Jong: Dutch Art Jeweler
The White house collection of contemporary metal, slow picture but you can
go from text links down the page.
An interesting site for a art jeweller’s graduating show from the Cranbrook
Academy of Art
The Ilias Lalaounis on-line jewelry museum, unique jewelry artist designing
from the past-a cool place worth a visit.
Michael Drechsler Jewelry, very cool CAD renderings of jewelry designs.
Vernon Reeds pages, a way cool artist jeweler, thinker into ‘cybernetic
ornament’ from way back.
British Jewellery site, growing and expanding. Has a mailing list to belong to.
The Tyler Adams corp, a jewelry company site with some nice on it.
Refractal Design, Inc., an interesting site

IndustryNet, a place of industrial supplier listings, news, surplus
equipment etc.
The Surplus record, industrially oriented equipment exchange.
The Artist Blacksmiths sources and lists of suppliers site.
A site for new and used jewelry manufacturing equipment and tools
The Bonny Doon Press company pages. Very well done catalog. An excellent
press system.
Jewelry tools for sale, pretty good prices and a nice selection.
Macaw tools, deals and more. Great rolling mill price.
American Science and Surplus. These folks have a great print catalog as
well, amazing selection of cool stuff, from tank periscopes to rectifiers
to sable brushes.
Rio Grande tool company site. Extensive tips and descriptions section (and
yes they are trying to sell you tools)
Gesswein Tool Company site, techncial tips, catalog, remaindered jewelry
tools for sale.
A new and used machinery links site, industrially oriented by interesting-a
machinery newsgroup too.
An international used machinery sales site, check the list of participating
A machinists site, links, and free ads for tools and equipment

(store) (links to other places) Bus. links
The Crafts Report Magazine site-good stuff for networking.
Guerilla Marketing Online, Jay Levinsons page, great marketing stuff and
The US postal service on line rates calculator and zip code resource.
’National Craft Association’ site, a very interesting site for crafts media
folks. They also sell supplier compilations.
Good for craftspeople about craft markets and more.
A very interesting site for professional craftspeople, lists suppliers,
photographers and more.
Gemology and appraisal and software demo (the most
comprehensive gemmology software around).
A great list of art supply sources, also check out the bottom of the page
for a self-promotion link.
Vivian’s Gigantic, Enormous, Huge list of mailing lists you can belong to
with capsule reviews.
Real time spot prices in US$ for precious metals. In case you need to check.
A well done site. On line spot prices for precious metals, conversion
tables, melting points, discussion groups and more.
A jewelry appraisal software system with examples: interesting.
Ijeweler site, links, a search engine comparison table, an interesting
ezine to subscribe too for trade jewelers.
Art apprenticeship links, places to stay in Europe, classes and courses in art.
The Guild home page, art/crafts source books, comercial services.
I buy the ‘Gallery’ editions to see whats happening in the field.

Safety (for a large list of safety sites email us and ask for a copy).
A list of MSDS sites with the number of MSDS sheets compiled in each site.
A really excellent safety site with a ton of good links.
OSHA’s site. Lots of and tons of connections. Very good
available in sections on solvents American Industrial Hygiene Association
National Institute for safety and Health (NIOSH) page, Great, huge links
list, international safety cards and more.
British Society of Occupational Health and Safety links. Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
(CCOHS). See the links page. The Right to Know network, very good descriptions of
metals and chemicals in this site.
Oxford University’s MSDS index, an excellent, huge, site.
Australia’s very excellent gateway to on occupational hazards.
A very nice system. See their great search engine, home page and index.
The NIOSH international safety cards index, in an incredible number of
languages, including Swahili.

Charles Lewton-Brain
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada

Hi Lydia, Try “” its a copyright web page! It’s called the
Copyright web site! I stumbled on it a while ago when I had to answer
some questions about copyrights. gl