Copyright [was Jeweler's schools]

I have had the same experiences and do not copyright anything. I
am unique enough that duplication would be more of a
compliment… The designs that I have in my head are just the tip
of my possibilities. I have more than one person could do in a
lifetime or two. I have seem similar pieces pop up and in areas
all over the world. Not only in jewelry but many other
inventions. I am one with the world and not separate. There will
be times in the night when I working on a piece when I can feel
someone else is doing or solving the same problems. I do not
live in fear. Like the snowflake we each are so individual that
when we look inside we have untapped individual storehouses of
ideas. It only takes knowing yourself and the belief that you
are here now to be the only one who can do what you do. BJ

Well said Beverly…I agree…hmmm who was it… Oh yeah…I read
once that the scientist Einstein once wrote or spoke to the
effect that he did not invent or think up anything, that he just
was the last person to put the last piece of the puzzle together.
He was reported to have said that anyone could do these things
he( she) need only to pluck it out of the ether as it were…the
idea is there for the taking…tune in to the source or whatever
you want to call it…there is plenty for everyone. Several of
our designs were picked up by large manufacturers and thousands
were made and sold…copy all you want…I’ve also got more ideas
than I can do in a lifetime ! Now if we could just transfer
our copyrights to the next life would make it interesting ? Yes !