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Copyright Stuff

Wondering, have you ever considered that you may be infringing on
copyrights? (Not accusing, just asking) When ever one does “custom” or
even non custom one has to think about “just how much does my stuff look
like what is pictured??? And then, the thought of 'is this pictured
stuff copyrighted” should be considered. I know too many who make EXACT
copies of others work.

Having looked at many catalogs including Stuller and several wax
vendors; How many of those designs are the work of others? How close
does their stuff match other peoples stuff? How close can my stuff match
their stuff? Who owns the copyright to the stuff? I don’t really know,
just need to make my stuff to sell and make the customers happy.


Seems to me that, excluding mechanical features, there is NO WAY to
prove that a design is a purposeful copy of another. It is just
possible (a little imagination, please) that more than one person in the
entire world could have roughly the same idea at the same time. This has
been happening as long as jewelery has been around and will continue to
happen. Understand that I do not go out to rip anyone else off but, IMHO
it’s just impossible to proove that someone is directly copying another’s
design. Ya’all just relax & enjoy your work.

Steve K.