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Listmembers, this was sent my wife’s bookarts list and I thought
that it would be good info for anyone interested…there has been
a few threads about copyrights, this seemed to be a good
opportunity to get the scoop firsthand. Yours, Terry Swift, Midwest


I think the following announcement about an on-line copyright tutorial
at Indiana University might interest members of this list. Sorry about
the length, but it seems to be necessary.

The announcement begins…
Dear Copyright Friends: Below is an announcement of a FREE copyright
tutorial that we will be offering this fall to anyone interested in
subscribing. Please follow the instructions below, and check out our
website for more I hope that the program will be
interesting to all readers, and it should prove especially useful for
answering the many basic questions that often arise on this list and
elsewhere. Many thanks,

Kenny Crews

Kenneth D. Crews
Associate Professor
Indiana Univ. School of Law-Indianapolis
IU School of Library & Information Science
Director, Copyright Management Center
755 West Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5195
TEL: (317) 274-4400
FAX: (317) 278-3301

Educators! Researchers! Librarians! Authors!
Artists! Graphic Designers! Webmasters! Publishers!

Indiana University Copyright Management Center


                The Second
            Indiana University
        Online Copyright Tutorial

The Copyright Management Center for Indiana
University is delighted to invite you to
participate in this innovative and updated
opportunity for learning about the meaning of
copyright for your teaching, research, and other
activities at the university. The Indiana
University Online Copyright Tutorial is a series
of short, informal, readable, and (we hope)
helpful messages delivered to you in electronic
form, via a listserv, approximately three times
per week. The new series will begin September 2
and extend through the fall semester.

Copyright is rapidly changing. The inaugural
tutorial has been revised and updated to include
new trends, developments, and strategies in
copyright, such as:

  • A new court decision that directly
    addresses the fair use of historical
    and literary manuscripts for scholarly

  • Legislation in Congress that may change
    the term of protection for copyrights;

  • New court rulings about the possible
    immunity of state colleges and
    universities from infringement claims;

  • Developments in the law for distance
    learning; and

  • Congressional action to create new
    "copyright-like" protections for
    databases and to secure digital

While this tutorial is designed particularly for
educators, librarians, and staff–especially at
Indiana University–anyone who is interested is
welcome to subscribe and be a part of it. We also
welcome previous subscribers who are looking for a
refresher and coverage of new developments.

To subscribe, simply send an email message to:

Leave the subject blank and do not use a signature
block. The full text of your message should read:

sub Copyright-Online-L [your real name]
For example: sub Copyright-Online-L Jane Doe

After your subscription has been received, you will
receive a “confirmation request” to which you must
respond. You will be required to reply to the
message with the word “ok” in the body of the reply
message (do not include a copy of the message sent
to you – only the word “ok”). This will confirm
that your email address is valid. Following the
confirmation, you will receive an email message
indicating that you have been subscribed. The
message will provide “rules” about how the list
functions and instructions for un-subscribing
from the list.

For additional about the tutorial,

For more about the CMC, visit:

Thanks for sharing Terry. Sounds like something we can really
use, especially for publication on the web. I signed up today!

Nancy <@nbwidmer >
ICQ# 9472643
Bacliff, Texas US on the Gulf Coast just blocks from Galveston Bay