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Copyright for jewelry

One way to handle copyright material is to make a copy of the
designs, date the material, place it in an envelope and send it
registered mail back to yourself. When it is returned to you
from the post office it has the date of the mailing and you have
a signed receipt dated the day you received it. Put the receipt
and the certified letter safety away. Do not open the envelope (I
draw zigzag lines around the flap, before I mail the envelope.)
Mark the outside of the envelope with a code to tell you what
design is inside and keep a record(on you computer) identifying
the code. If you ever have to go to court, this is your proof
that the design has a publication date before the rip off. Also,
any publications you put out with the designs you want to
protect, be sure the date of that publication is included as well
as the copyright date. Dolores New Jersey