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Copy of: Re:Flo Thru Sys

“David D. Arens” 102545.2614@CompuServe.COM
Copy of: Re:Flo Thru Sys wrote:

     is there any way to improvise a flow throug h  system?  

If you live in a part of the country that uses evaporative
coolers you can get a cooler pump for less money than a
submersible pump. The ‘plumbing’ can be plastic tubing.The ‘flow
control’ can be 2 small metal mending plates (held together &
adjusted by 2 small bolts) pinching the tubing. Everything is
available at the hardware store, less than $25.

Another source for vibratory tumblers is a shooting (guns)
sports store. The serious shooter reloads his own ammo & as part
of that process polishes the brass (shell casings). I’ve seen
ads for brass tumblers, the bowl had a little different shape
(several indentations) but it appeared about the size of the
smaller ones used by jewelers/hobbyists. Best of all the price
was a lot less!