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"copper" solder?


Hi Gang:
I was wondering if any of you has heard of “copper” solder? I
am using copper for an project for my metal smithing class…and
don’t like the way the silver solder looks. Any suggestions???
Of course, I could always use brass or another metal…I love

Carol Lankford


Hi Carol, I bought the smallest amoutn of it that I could a few
years ago.I now own a pound of wire copper silver solder. I
don’t think that the color matches that much better and it is
slower to flow. Marilyn Smith


Indian Jewelers Supply(1-800-545-6766) sells a solder for copper
and brass in a wire form. I have only used it once. It dose not
blend in completly with the copper, but is more subtle than
silver solder. It’s also very cheep.



I don’t know about you teacher, but we were always taught to use
easy silver solder, then plate the piece in a bath of
contaminated pickle when the piece was all finished. Personally,
I think copper solder is a great idea, but I don’t know if it’s
at all possible. Tim Goodwin @tmn8tr


You can get high copper wire solder from Rio for about $15. You
have to bu y a pound (220 feet). I have it but it is difficult
for me to get to flow. I haven’t tried it in a long time, since
I am better at soldering now, maybe the stuff isn’t as bad as I

Rio Grande: 800-443-6766 (US)
800-253-9738 (Canada)

Good luck.
Candy Glaze