Copper sheets

Hello all

Last night, I received a donation of about 10lbs of 20ga copper
sheet. It was intended for use in roofing and is a Corning product.

Is there anything I should know about this material before I
heat/forge/spindle/mutilate it?

Thanks once again for this wonderful forum. Where else could I go
with this question?

Debby - in surprisingly mild Michigan

debbie - i redecorated & had a wall covered with copper - it had a
protective finish put on the sheets by the manufacturer. take a test
sheet & heat a corner to check for coating of any kind - that’s the
quickest way to find out. good luck - ive

Debby, This sheet is great for fold forming. Charles Lewten Brain has
a small book on the technique but the basic idea is this: Anneal a
piece about 2"/4" and quench hot in water to remove the black scale.
There is no reason to pickle because you have not used any flux. Fold
the metal just as you would a piece of paper. Hammer this edge thin
and anneal again. Unfold and flatten. This should leave the metal
with a narrow line where the fold is. Folds can cross each other and
do not need to opened all the way. It’s a matter of experimenting and
looking as you go. Depending on your studio set up, you can do larger
size pieces. You have enough metal for a lot of experimenting! Have
fun with it.

Marilyn Smith