Copper patinas and torching

I have been trying to patina copper with ammonia, salt, etc. with
the fume chamber technique. My question is not really about that,
but if you can solder copper components after they’ve been
patina-ed. I’m thinking no but I thought someone out there may know
otherwise. Like, if I patina-ed a piece of copper and then
sweat-soldered it to copper or silver which hasn’t been treated.
I’ve been searching on the web but it’s hard to find the answer to
my specific question. Thank you.


You really cannot solder “dirty” copper which patinated copper is.
So I would say NO to you question. If soldering is necessary, solder
first then patinate.

john dach

Thanks, John. I figured maybe torching would ruin the patina, but
the copper being dirty never crossed my mind. You really do learn
something new every day.