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Copper Laquer

Hi Folks

I’m new to this forum but look forward to participating. As well as
working with gold and silver I have started to work with copper,
Does anyone know if there is a laquer or chemical that can be
applied to copper after pickling and polishing to stop the copper
oxidising and tarnishing. Obviously would have to be skin friendly.

Look forward to getting to know some of you and learning from you.


Try these folks.

Thanks for those reply’s, H.S. Walsh in Birmingham England have sent
me an e;mail as I enquired with them as well, they told me you can
use Ercalene, Apatantly you just brush this on. Anyone every used


GJ Nikolas & Co are wonderfully helpful. They sold me a 2-part
sealant for my copper items and it works like a dream. It’s the only
product I’ve ever used that keeps my copper shiny and bright after I
am finished placing my imagery into it. They are very helpful - just
be clear about what you want for an end product result and they will
work with you to try and achieve it.

BBR - Sandi Graves
Stormcloud Trading (Beadstorm)
St Paul, Minnesota