Copper enameling supplies

I have spent quite a bit of time searching for enamel suppliers
and have found that the best sources are mail order suppliers. I
live right outside of New York City and have no trouble finding
Thompson Enamel products, which I must say are excellent, but they
have stopped manufacturing leaded enamels and unfortunately for us
leaded enamels have a certain clarity and luster that cannot be
matched by unleaded glass.

My two main sources in NYC for enamel products and tools are also
mail order suppliers:

  1. Allcraft

45 W. 46th Street
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10036
(212) 840- 1860

Tevel and Bob are great, they carry Thompson and Latham Enamels
from the UK, KlyrFire, Kilnwash, stoning supplies, you name it.
They are also the best source for raising/ forming tools and
hard-to-fi.Catalog $5

  1. Metalliferous
    34 W. 46th Street
    NY, NY 10036
    (212) 944- 0909 phone
    (212) 944- 0644 fax

These folks rock my world. If you come to NYC, you MUST visit this
store. Their prices are unbeatable, everyone working there are
wellsprings of this store is the penultimate
playground for metal workers. They carry Thompson Enamels and
almost anything else you can think of

  1.     Enamelwork Supply Company
     Coral Shaffer
    1022 N.E. 68th St.
     Seattle, WA 98115
     (206) 525- 9271  info line
     (800 ) 596- 3257  orders

This is the source for Schauer Enamels from Austria,Ninomiya
products from Japan, ceramic paper for Plique a jour, and
“Boshuko” polishing powder. The catalog is an essential for
persons worried aboucolor by color chart of the harmful
ingredients in the products offered.

Bovano Industries, Inc.
830 S. Main Street
Cheshire, CT 06410-3417
(203) 272- 3208
(800) 847-3192
(203) 250-7527 (fax)

The source for beautiful Emaux Soyer enamel. (Cristallerie de

Thompson Enamel has already been listed by other orchids, but the
magazine “Glass On Metal” is also worth reading and is listed in
their catalog

Glass On Metal
The Enamelist Society
PO Box 310
Newport, KY 41072

ALso check out these glassworking Catalogs:
Arrow Springs
4570 Tennessee Drive
Shingle Springs, CA 95682
(530) 677- 1400 phone
(530) 677-1600 fax
Website: http://

Wale Apparatus Co., Inc.
400 Front Street
PO Box D
Hellertown, PA 18055
(800) 334-WALE (9253)
(610) 838- 7440 (faX)

Hope this helps.

Juliet G

Hi all,

I want to get into copper enameling myself, and was wondering if
anyone has experience with the enameling kiln that’s advertized in
Rio Grande catalog? Seems like it might be a good thing for that
type of work, but I’d like to know the advantages/disadvantages, if
anyone knows.

Wanda in hot and humid Eastern North Carolina