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Copper Enameling Supplies

I was hoping that you could advise me in locating a supplier for
copper enameling materials.

My father, who lives in Louisiana, Missouri, would like to start
copper enameling again after many years. He is having great
difficulty finding a supplier. Would you be aware of anyone in the
St. Louis area or in the Midwest? Actually, anywhere in the
states would be okay, as well as in Toronto, Ontario to which I
would have access.

I sure would appreciate any help or advice with this matter. Thank
you…Kathy Sheppard

Hi Kathy,

American Art Clay Co. (Amaco) in Indianapolis, In. supplied the
enamels and kilns that are in my classroom… Sorry, don’t have the
phone number handy , but their address is

4717 W. 16th St.
Indianapolis, In. 46222.

They may have a web site with their phone number.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Thompson’s Enamels 1(800) 545-2776 or Enamelworks Supply co.
1(800) 596-3257. Thompson’s deals in unleaded enamel, Enamelworks
in leded enamel.

A source for copper enameling supplies is ;Thompson Enamel, P.O.
Box 310, Newport, KY 441072, USA…Phone:
606-291-3800…FAX: 606-291-1849: Visa & M/C Toll Free Line:
800-545-2776…Orders Recorded 24 hours per day

HI! Sure, but I am hopelessly behind in everything including my
E-Mail. But will send the info this weekend, hopefully I can get my
head up by then. Pat