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Copper Chain By the foot

Hi Gang Does anyone have a supplier for Copper Chain by the foot?
Also the copper (not copper plated) findings to go with?

I have been looking for quite along time. I have suppliers for
copper chain finished and many for silver, both finished and by the
foot. For some reason all the companies I contacted only sold
finished copper chain. Also many would not send to Canada.

Thanks ahead for any and all help.

Karen Bahr “the Rocklady” ( mailto:Rocklady

the rocklady asked about a source for copper chain. i don’t have a
current catalog, but in 1997 metalliferous carried copper chain,
wire, sheet, and blanks. in this old catalog i see copper plated
lobster claws, but i don’t see any pure copper findings.

metalliferous, inc.
34 west 46th street
new york, ny 10036
p:  212-944-0909
f:  212-944-0644

jean adkins

Hi Karen. Have you tried Double Joy? They
are in Arizona (the copper state) and specialize in copper beads,
chain and findings. I don’t know for sure that they ship to Canada.
They do the Tucson shows (with international clientele) so I would
think that they might.

Pam Chott

 Hi Gang Does anyone have a supplier for Copper Chain by the foot? 

Karen-- I have a friend who does, I think–I’ll ask. Meanwhile, you
could use brass chain, and copper-plate it, either by using pickle
and iron, or by merely heating until it plates itself. The one time I
ordered some brass chain, it arrived looking like copper.