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Copper bezel wire resource

I am a woodworker in Brevard County Florida. I am doing a copper
inlay on a project and am looking for a resource in my area that
either has 20 gauge bezel wire in solid dead soft copper. If some has
a jewelers mill that would be willing to take round wire and flatten
it, that would be fine as well. It needs to be at least 1/16" wide,
3/32" would be preferable.

I know there are online resources that have bezel wire similar to my
needs, but I was only able to locate 24 gauge, which is a bit
thinner than I desire.

Any and all responses are appreciated.


Hi Charlie,

I live in Altamonte Springs, but go over to Cocoa a lot. I can make
the bezel wire you want.


Hi Charlie,

It might be faster/ easier to cut your own bezel wire from 20 G
sheet copper. That way you control the exact size and look. Is this
an option for you?


I would purchase sheet that thick and trim off an edge. after rolling
wire it will need to be annealed, pickled and cleaned anyways. So the
cost should actually be higher then buying sheet from a supplier.

A. Livings
Livingston Jewelers

20 ga is too thick for bezel strip. If you want 20 ga copper strip,
buy sheet and cut the strips. Rio Grande has 24 ga copper bezel
wire. I use solar panel ribbon, about 26 ga.

The copper flashing I get in rolls from the home improvement stores
are 24 gauge. I normally get a 8 inch wide by 25 foot roll.

Gerald A. Livings
Livingston Jewelers

Can you just shear off strips from a sheet?

Many thanks for all the suggestions.

Can you just shear off strips from a sheet? 

I have found a solution that turned out to be reasonably simple. I
met someone in our area that is member of a local jewelry and gem
club. They suggested using some scrap 12 gauge romex electrical wire.
I stripped the insulation off, annealed it, ran it through 1 pass of
their roller mill to 20 gauge, annealed it again and voile, I’m done.
The club was very helpful in resolving my problem.


I use copper bezel wire made for stained glass work, 24 gauge and
less than an 1/8 th inch wide sold on rolls. I paid $2.25 for the
last roll at the stained glass supplier.