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Copper and Bronze treatment

…having had alot of requests for copper and bronze pieces,
especially bracelets, I am now in need of some ideas for the best
current treatment of these metals to avoid problems with skin
contact…any input would be very much appreciated…


I’ve made a number of copper only as well as copper and silver
pieces…when asked, i tell the customer/potential customer that the
green is a result of air, moisture(usu. sweat) and copper reacting
together, and that the best way to clean it off is with soap and
water. ergo “take a shower” (but not in so many words) :-] wearing
such jewelry into the shower/bath is one way to get the jewelry soaped
up and then rinsed off, thus promoting the metal’s own sheen as
well…also, how often green appears on the skin depends on personal
body chemistry… i give these suggestions to buyers/browsers
because i don’t believe in coatings for copper/brass/bronze…they
bring in an extra set of variables to consider–how effective are
they? will some people react to them too? what about scratches/chips
in the coating? i do not know these answers, but i figure if someone
is going to react really badly to copper etc, they are probably
already sensitive to nickel and zinc, and even sterling. my penny’s
worth…Happy New Year…hope this helps, Erhard in snowed under
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada