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Cool silver alloy compositions

I melted some Copper into mostly Silver and got pretty.

what are some cool recipes for making Silver alloy?


Hi Jim,

Mixing other metals is like mixing paint, but considerably more
satisfying (imo).

When you make an alloy colour is important, but just as important
are the properties of the resultant metal.

Here’s a relevant example :-

9 parts copper 1 part tin will give you 90/10 or ancient bronze, a
very lustrous gold brown alloy, with good properties, machinability,
ductility etc.

8 parts copper 2 parts tin will give you 80/20 or bell metal, a warm
silver coloured alloy, with excellent tonal qualities (hence the
name bell metal), however the alloy is very brittle, and will shatter
under the shock of being dropped.

Playing with the colour of precious metal alloys is very satisfying,
however when it comes to hall marking you need to be aware that
certain percentages of precious metal are required to allow them to
be stamped under your countries jewellery standards.

Regards Charles A.