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Converting estimated volume into weight

I found a formula online for converting volume (cubic millimeters)
to grams. (cubic millimeter) x (specific gravity) x (.001) = grams

Does this formula seem accurate? I often analyze the volume of my
CAD designs to make sure they are completely closed and I’d like to
use volume to determine an estimated weight for the item as well.

Thanks much,
Cary, NC

it will depend on the metal you are using.

mass=density x volume

so if you know the volume of the object and the desnity of the alloy
you can work out the mass (weight, unless you are off earth!)


It’s correct.

1 cubic centimeter of water has a mass of 1 gram, by definition.
Substances other than water have a density described by their
specific gravity, which is the mass of a cubic centimeter of the
substance. For example, say gold has a specific gravity of 19.32,
which means that it is 19.32 times as heavy as an equal volume of
water. The fact that a centimeter is 10 millimeters means that there
are 1000 cubic millimeters in a cubic centimeter, so a volume given
in cubic millimeters must be divided by 1000 (or multiplied by.001)
to convert it to cubic centimeters to make the calculation come out

Dick Davies