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Contract manufacturers

Hello out there! I’m considering having some of my more
mechanically oriented designs produced by a manufacturer. One of
the companies that I’m considering is called Adri in LA. Has any
one had any experiences with them or be willing to recommend a
company- especially one that will honor a confidentiality agreement?
If you’d rather not put anything negative out there- then please
e-mail me at: @Feline1007. Thanks in advance- working with a
production house is new for me and i’m a little nervous about how
to go about it- keeping the integrity of my designs, etc. Looking
forward to any insights.- feline

Good morning Feline Our company is based in Houston since the early
80 and was based on importing mainly from Italy and Israel (catalog
available). Around may, 2000 we opened a manufacturing facility in
Guatemala which is now 75 people strong. In addition to manufacturing
our own line we also do contract work for other manufactures and
designers as well as special projects. Our strength is well finished
products and at good value. What quantities and what type of products
are you interested in manufacturing for you? We work on 14kt. (
yellow, white and rose), tarnish resistance silver and combination of
the two metals. awaiting more info. Haim