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Contests and Sweepstakes?

Is the rolling mill contest on now?

Hi @bjacquin - regretfully, I’ve had to put a hold on contests and sweepstakes for the time being. I’m going to brainstorm a better way for advertisers to engage with the community around specific products, while encouraging content creation and getting free stuff in the hands of Orchidians :wink: Likely discounts on specific products instead of a giveaway or something like that.

The very short reason is… upon doing some research, it appears that offering a prize based upon chance brings with it a whole host of interesting legal issues. Much to my chagrin, running a sweepstakes or a contest with a prize is not the simple matter I hoped it would be.

I apologize for the false start on this.

Not to worry – what I lack in charm, I make up for with persistence! I will come up with a better way soon.

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OK, not a problem. But I could really use one of those!

Are there any free year orchid memberships or coupons going around

Hi Marcus - we don’t offer free Orchid memberships unfortunately.