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Contemporary Jewellery

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Rita Marcangelo. I
am a designer and creator of contemporary jewellery and I run a
gallery in the centre of ancient Rome (Italy). I would like to
share on contemporary jewellery and would like to ask
a number of questions on the subject in order to further promote
this type of work in Italy, where traditional forms of art are
still deep rooted.

  1. What is the future of contemporary jewellery?

  2. How is it evolving in different parts of the world?

  3. Is the use of precious metals essential or indispensable in
    contemporary jewellery, in order to make it more important in the
    eyes of the prospective buyer?

  4. What influence have technology and our rapid changing ways of
    life in the evolvment of contemporary jewellery?

  5. If the continuous progress of more sophisticated forms of
    technology and our fast living pace do have an influence on
    contemporary jewellery,will this art form run the risk of becoming

Any other type of on this subject, would be greatly

Thanking you for your kind cooperation,