Contemporary chess sets

I am designing a contemporary chess set and would like to see what’s
on the market already. I have done several searches on the internet
but have only found old fashioned sets. Does anyone know of any
links to designer chess sets (pref v. modern)

Laura Cowan
Judaica designer and silversmith

Hi Laura,

The industrial designer Karim Rashid has done a modern chess set
from (I believe) plastic. It comes in either Grey/White pieces or
Hot Pink/Lime Green pieces. I know that his set retails for around
$50 - 60 US. It’s pretty readily available, however one website
that sells his sets is :

Also, the Bauhaus has also designed a very modern/minimialist set.
I’m not sure of what it’s constructed, but I do know that the set is
quite expensive (it may be available on the website above - not
sure). Hope this helps