[Contacts] Sydney Australia

Dear Brian, if you have time - and for convenience, wheels -
please come out to the Design Centre, Enmore and prepare to be
(at the very least) impressed by the standards to which our
Jewellery Trade apprentices and students are designing and

Our graduates will be in the last stage of preparation for their
exhibition which opens on the 27th November at the Design Centre
Exhibition Space. Although it will be full-bore frantic, I would
be delighted to show you over what has to be Australia’s premier
design school.

I do not say this lightly. The Design Centre is the most modern
TAFE college of its kind. We work with all manner of design
related people, from international award winning jewellery
designers to special effects experts from Silicon Graphics.

I might add that this invitation extends to any visitors from
Orchid. Let me know, Brian, if you are able to fit us in to your
itinerary and I’ll send more details.

Kind regards, Rex Steele Merten (aka Rex from Oz)

Hi Brian,

Havent been to sydney for about three years… however there
are a couple of place i know of where you can see australian
jewellers works… as welll as maybe outlets for you, I am sure
rex will be able to add more or suggest other galleries as he is
certianly on the ball!

Quadrivium in Queen Victoria Building Rox in strand arcade. Have
some very intersting pieces in amongst the more commericla ones.
Makers mark in chifley Plaza in chifley square. has a good range
of australian jewellers. Phillips and co in Skygarden arcade also
have a range of austrlian work Crawford Galleries… mainly a
painting gallleri but also stock some Australian work. warwick
Freeman has exhibited there I would certainly take up Rex’s offer
to visit Enmore. Their invites for their end of the year
exhibtion are always great! suggest you also contact Adam Wittig,
Chair of NSW Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of aust…( Known in
australia as Jamjar!) There may be a meeting on during your
stay., I am sure they would welcome you

I would be interested in seeing what other galleries Aussie
orhcid memebers reccomend

scuse typing have been relaxing playing golf today!!

Felicity in beautiful Perth