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Contacts in Poland

I am going to be going to Poland in a few weeks, to Warsaw and
Krakow. Any suggestions about what to see there in the jewelry
line–museums, jewellers, sources to purchase stones, etc.? In other
words, I want to expand my horizons, as well as justify part of this
trip as a business expense. Many thanks for any leads.

Also, I want to make a letter opener as a wedding gift (unless you
think even greeting cards will soon be obsolete soon!) and would like
to find a source for stainless steel letter opener blades. Are there
any special tricks for connecting this to a sterling silver handle?


There are ready made blades for these in woodworkers catalogs. I
would think you could figure out a mechanical fastening to apply the
handle. Try The Woodturners Catalog at 1.800.551.8876 or Hope this helps.

Lorri F