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[Contacts] Atlanta jewelers

I need some recommendations for an Atlanta or surrounding area
jeweler who does appraisals and designs engagement and wedding rings.
My son is looking for someone who can appraise my diamond and other
family stones, see if any match, and design an engagement ring. One
jeweler who does both would be great, one who appraises and another
who designs would be fine. Thanks for any suggestions.


Hi Suella,

Topaz Gallery in Atlanta offers all of the services your requested.
They also carry a number of artists and designers.

Their website is


Hi Suella

My old store does all of that.

Jewelry Artisans
4500 Olde Perimeter Way Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30346
(across from perimeter Mall)

(770) 393-0321

Ask for the owner, Jamie Kresl

Call Jewelry Artisans. They do appraisals, awesome custom work, and
their prices are very competetive. Ask for Jamie, 770 393 0321. don’t
forget to tell him who sent you!

Hans Allwicher