Contacting Paris Texas Jewelry College

Paris Texas Jewelry College, is anyone home?

I have been reading Orchid online for the past couple years and am
amazed by the wealth of as well as the inspiration I have
found here. Now in my mid 20’s, I am ready to become a jeweler and
again thanks to Orchid I have found what I think is would be the best
education in the shortest time for me, and that is an Orchid
supporter and advertiser, Paris Texas Jewelry Institute. The only
problem is I am having troubles with contacting Paris College unless
I want to run up my long distance phone bill.

Ive checked the Orchid archives and found a couple more recent
reference to Paris Texas and it was about the same problem I have.
They don’t respond to emails at all. This has me very worried. If
they wont email perspective students, then what will they be like to
attending students? After researching several training options I come
to the conclusion that this would be the best of the best for overall
environment, structure and training to get started as a bench jeweler.
Now, after a month and a half of trying to contact them through
email, I am changing my mind. I finally called to have them send the
to me here in New Jersey, and while on the phone I ask
about why emails are not responded to. The only answer was, “I don’t
know, but they should have”. Not very encouraging considering there
are many other options, and I am seriously considering pursing one of
them. I don’t want to up root from my home, leave my family and
friends for a year and go into debt only to find out I will be
ignored at a school. And that is the impression Paris Texas College
is giving me. Sorry about the long first post, but Im very
disappointed and hope that by telling my story and knowing there are
others who have the same problems, that either Paris Texas College
will change the way they handle customer service, or others can read
this and know to not bother with them.