[Contact] slab a crystal

We are looking for someone who can slab a crystal for one of our
customers. If you know someone who provides this service it would be
very helpful. The people that we have run across do NOT do slabbing.
Thank you

Hi, What size is the crystal?? How big is the slab that you want?
Most facetors have a small facetors saw that will make small slabs (
up to 3"-4"). Others (like me!) have saws up to 24" for slabbing large
rocks. Where are you located ( shipping could be a factor )? Be a
little more precise and you probably will get an answer. I’d do it for
you but I’m on the West Coast, 100 miles West of Seattle. If you’re
close let me know.

uhm, uh, like what kind of crystal? what size? how thick? why a
’slab’? slabbing is simply cutting material into pieces from 4mm to
about 6mm for ‘thin slabs’ & more for ‘thick slabs’. usually crystals
make better specimen intact than they do cut up; the more transparent
crystals are faceted & the less transparent are cabbed (cabochons).
if you can’t talk them out of it contact one of your local lapidary
clubs - look in the sunday paper under 'clubs, activities, etc.'
there will be someone in one of them who can do ‘slabbing’ -