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[Contact] Refiners in Canada

Hi Listers,

I’m in Calgary and I wondered if anyone could tell me where I might
have some scrap broken sterling silver holloware (broken tea service)
refined in Canada? I have about 220 oz of inherited useless sterling
silver and figure I might as well get some value out of it.

Will refiners take scrap in any shape or do I need to remove the
wooden handles etc?


Try this Imperial Smelting - give them a call and ask how it is best
to handle what you have.


Help others make informed business decisions with Imperial Smelting.
We welcome your opinions and experiences with their products,
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Hello Susan

You could try contacting Imperial Smelting and Refining in Markham
near Toronto. Here is their web site

They are really nice people to deal with. I’ve been buying my Wire
from them for a couple of years now and have had nothing but the best
service. I’ve not had anything sent to be refined as I only have the
smallest of scraps that I am saving to see if I can melt them down to
make a sheet of siver. Imperial also has an office on Vancouver and
one in Rhode Island.

Take care…Sheila