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[Contact] Metal Mold

Can someone direct me to a company who makes metal molds for plastic


Hello, there is a guy in fla who makes good metal molds from cad
programs. His name is Bob Aletto. His number is 561-338-7648.

good luck

Try Stuller Settings 800-877-7777 ask for the special projects dept.
I believe they will make metal molds, and do the injections for you
as well as cast and finish the pieces and deliver them to your
doorstep. They did offer these services a few years ago although it
has been a while and they may have changed. Just call and ask.

Frank Goss

If you search your local area for a "Plastic Injection Molding House"
they can help with a local mold maker or they may have a mold shop in
house. When contacting them explain in detail what you want, arrange
a meeting to physically show them what the end product should look
like. Don’t forget to explain what the function is, this will help
them decide which plastic compound will be best suited for your item.
Ask them not only for costs of the mold making if they have an
in-house shop, but also ask what their set-up fee will be. This is
separate from the actually molding run fee. One thing to keep in
mind, you need to have a molding run that will off-set the setup fee.
In essence molding many parts will be less expensive than molding
just a few. Depending on the size of your item they may be able to
make a multi-cavity mold that can produce two or more items with each
molding cycle. I hope this helps.

Good Luck
Tom Timms

What size mold are you looking for For midsize to large molds a
company here does a wonderful job Cmc tool & Die there contact
is 417 862-0707 The owner’s name is Dwayne Holden



We offer two different types of metal dies for plastic injecting here
at Design Visions. Basic one sided mold $75.00, two sided $125.00.
Complex designs with plugs, I would have to look at the product. We
also offer injection service for people wanting plastic injections
for their inventory back stock (great way to get the product quickly
to the customer with out having to hold the metal in inventory)

Love to help you out,
Patrick Byrne
Design Visions

What kind of metal mold do you need and what is the part? If you
have a model and you want to mold it then you most likely want a soft
metal mold. You can make these yourself if the piece has no
undercuts. If you have a CAD file then you just need someone to cut
the mold. If you have neither then you may be out of luck. I’ve
found that for anything other than simple 2 1/2 dimension molds
you’ll not find anyone capable of producing a mold from scratch.
There are many folks that say they can, but buying a CAD/CAM package
and 40hrs of training does not mean you’re a metal mold maker.

Brett Gober

Some pictures of some stuff that I have done that may be interesting
if you like machining.

A) Metal molds that run in single semi automatic cycles. The cycle
when activated will close the mold, inject the part, dwell for
cooling, open the mold and automatically eject the parts. This
particular mold has 14 ejection pins and one sprue puller which makes
sure that the sprue, the runners and the parts are captured in the B
mold ready for ejection. As the B mold (which is the bottom one and
static) moves up, it will capture the sliding A mold and continue up
until it clamps closed with up to 20 tons of toggled clamping force.
The A mold slides loosely on shoulder bolts. As it clamps, the nozel
is activated and a preset amount of wax/plastic in injected. Pressure
valves allow for a timely dwell time to be set until it releases
pressure and everything starts to open. On the up stroke, the
ejecting pins will slide down into the mold and will be flush to the
surfce during injecting. When it opens and the B mold comes to the
home position, the ejector plate is activated and the spring loaded
pins will push clear of the surface and therefore eject the part.
Sometimes the pins will become part of the design and may protrude
above the mold surface, therefore creating shapes on the back of the
piece, and not necessarily round in section.

Metal Molds

B) This following example is a vacuum fixture for making plastic
packing sheets for hypordermic needles with syringes The slight gap
between the fingers and the plate is where 98% of the air is
exhausted thus creating the suction and vacuum pull. It looks big,
but it is only.5mm (.02"). The other 2% is pulled through the 2 small
holes in the slot that creates some ribbing in the final product

Vacuum Fixture

As it stands today, I am unable to offer these services, as we are
beyond capacity on other projects.

Best Regards
Neil George

Neil, Thanks for the photos, I remember when you started teaching
yourself CAD/CAM and CNC in the early 90s, believing that computer
technology could be applied to jewellery work. You were ahead of the
industry. Your vision, industry and tenacity continue to amaze me.
You have come a long way from managing a traditional craftsman studio
full of tough old masters determined to put you in your place. You
excelled then and have continued to do so ever since.

Proud to be your ex-boss,

Dennis Smith - thejewelmaker