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[Contact] Gold refiner in Bangkok?

Does anyone have an address of a reliable gold refiner in Bangkok? I
want to have a hand load of gold jewelry refined into a sheet so I
can start using it in my own jewelry.

Thanks for your help.
Sharron in Dhaka waiting to get out to Bangkok in December

Dear All,

I didn’t get any answer about a gold refiner in Bangkok so maybe
someone can recommend a way I can do it using a small torch. I don’t
have access at this time to a big torch but hopefully a medium one
will work. The jewelry is of various kts so this might be a problem.
There’s chains, rings, bracelets, various earrings and also several
medicine bottles of gold dust from a mine and gold disks from a mine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Sharron,

I know of a place that will make sheet or wire from gold or silver
that you bring them or you can buy it from them. It’s called Khun
Hua, and it’s nearly impossible to find because it’s just a little
machine shop down one of the 5 million alleys, but it’s the only
place I know besides the Bangkok Assay office, which is more of a
high end place. I have bought wire from the Khun Hua place a few
times but the quality was quite poor, I paid for .925 silver but I
think it was more like .900 because it tarnished more quickly than
regular sterling. Also it was obviously not annealed enough when
drawing because there were burs where the metal would peel up and
make a sharp spike when the wire was bent. I still have a bunch of
this crap I don’t know what to do with. All the silversmiths I’ve
asked in BKK and many goldsmiths go to this place for sheet and
wire, but personally I would not go there with gold. If you want to
try to find it, it’s near the Ban Mor shopping complex, I can try to
find more exact directions if you want.

The better option is Bangkok Assay, they’re easy to find, probably a
lot more expensive, but probably much less likely to pocket a bit of
your gold, and will almost certainly produce cleaner sheet metal. I
don’t know what kind of quantity you have but they may have a large
minimum. I think their place is on Charoen Krung Rd. where a lot of
the silver and bead sellers are. You can google them and get their
contact info and just ask them I suppose.

I hope this helps, Have fun in Bangkok, it’s a wonderful city. I
will be there myself in about a month or so and can’t wait for for
my first bowl of guaitiau naam sen yai. hold the fish balls, please.


HI Sharon,

Why Bangkok? are you living there? what ever Country you live there
should be company’s that do refining, your local jeweller might pass
on there details. If your in Australia I can help.

Anthony Galea
Designer Jeweller


There is no way you can refine scrap gold with just a torch. About
the best you could do would be to melt it, stir with a carbon rod or
a chopstick and pour it into cold water. That won’t refine it but it
will clean it to some extent. Still doubtful that you could do much
with it afte that however. You might try one of the many gold shops
in Bangkok though. They buy and sell high karat gold all the time and
I’m sure they would beable to direct you to a refiner.

Jerry in Kodiak

Dear Anthony,

Why Bangkok? are you living there? 

I work/live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I visit Bangkok twice a year so
that is the best choice. Thanks for your advice.