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[Contact] Goddards polishing products

Hi, I have been trying to get in touch with goddards for some
polishing products. Their website will not open for me. Does anyone
have a phone number or a different site than to reach


hello there

nothern labs, inc.
4701 custer street 850
manitowoc, wi 54221-0850

ph # 920-684-7137
fax# 920-684-6573

they handle the complete goddard line.

bill taylor
orange park, florida, usa

Hi Megin,

Goddard’s toll-free phone number: 1-877-661-1853 Goddard’s mailing
address: PO Box 850, Manitowoc, WI 54221-0850

Also, I think that Rio Grande now carries Goddard’s Long Shine Silver
Cloth and Long Shine Polishing liquid.

Best wishes,

If you have a Bed, Bath and Beyond store near you you might give
them a call - I just noticed that my local one carries both the
liquid polish and the cloths.


I’ve found that the Goddard’s polishing foam is luscious, and
long-lasting, as well. I have it available at my booth when

Kay Taylor

Thanks Cynthia.

I’ll contact Goddard today.

Also, I wanted to let you know that the allergic reaction I was
having to the argentium was not due to the metal. I thoroughly
cleaned the earrings and have worn them several times since than with
no problems. Someone must have had something on their hands while
holding the earrings. Thanks for your help anyway.

Megin Diamond Designs